Milk the Pigeon

By | January 17, 2019
Milk the Pigeon

The writing style and chapter format are typical of books in this genre, like the liberal use of crude language in a vain attempt to sound “brutally honest” instead of relying on genuine insights to do so. Assumptions, generalisations, stereotyping, and sweeping statements are also liberally sprinkled throughout the book.

The tone is presumptuous and holier-than-thou. As you progress from chapter to chapter, you’ll realise that the material is fucking repetitive. (See what I did there?)

After a while, you can’t help but wonder if the author is trying to milk the pigeon or milk the audience, turning a blog into a book. Ok, maybe the book affords him to go on a self-congratulatory ego trip, not once, but repeatedly.

Newsflash: I hope the author realises the irony of his “the most important voice is your own” advice, given the number of screw-ups that has occurred in his life by sticking to his guns and ignoring others’ “shitty advice”. Or the fact that he is dishing out advice while telling his readers to “ignore everyone”.

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