Mere coincidence

By | December 9, 2007

Mere coincidence 1As I was relocating from Manila, I had my FORTUNE magazine subscription redirected to my office address in Shenzhen while I searched for an apartment. Guess what? The first issue to be redirected had to have Jack Ma, our main competitor’s CEO, on the cover. And it had to be the first issue FORTUNE decides to overhaul the magazine’s design in a decade. It also had to arrive at the wrong department on the wrong floor and probably made its round among sales people before the copy finally reached me.

Just the other day, my HR colleague from Xinjiang warned me to be careful of snatch thieves because some unemployed migrants may get increasingly desperate as the new year approaches. Guess what? Over the weekend, I actually saw a snatch thief in action while cruising along a street in Gangxia in a taxi.

These are, of course, mere coincidences.

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