Is San Antonio Spurs a dirty team?

By | May 16, 2007

Judging from the above video clip of Spurs’ Horryble football-style tackle on Phoenix Suns’ Steve Nash, I would say probably on par with the Knicks. If you’re not convinced, check out this flying Bruce “Lee” Bowen kick!

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As a lifelong NBA fan — and sports fan in general — I can more than appreciate that rules are rules. However, in the course of certain events it becomes apparent that doses of critical thinking and an ability to interpret the rules should replace the rigid literalism that have become commonplace in this league. More specifically, the suspension of Amare Stoudemire and Boris Diaw is one of the grossest injustices I can ever remember in any sport. The NBA cannot continue to reward teams for instigating a confrontation. One team knocks a player into the scorers’ table and yet… Read more »


Unfortunately, Amare and Diaw showed a lack of discipline by coming off of the bench. The Spurs collective bench were being sat on by PJ Carlesimo, something that Marc Iavarroni should have been doing (or at least sitting on Amare anyway) to the Suns’ bench. The problem here is that the league had more than enough wiggle room to allow Amare to play Wednesday night. The rule says that the player can not leave the immediate vicinity of the bench. There is plenty of room for interpretation there. You could even go so far as to use Amare’s excuse that… Read more »


Bruce Bowen is the dirtiest player in NBA.


The press conference with Popovich after the game was gold. He goes decidedly white and seems to get more than a little agitated when asked about what happened. He even ACTUALLY says the words “I had nothing to do with it” – even though he was never directly or even indirectly asked if he something to do with it. He starts tapping his fingers on the desk and looks in the other direction.


Bruce Bowen is as dirty as an oily rag soaked in garbage water.

And on top of it, he doesn’t even cop to it. Bill Laimbeer he no pretentions about being a dirty SOB. When Bowen trips somebody, he throws his hands up with the most disingenuous look of innocence you’ll find in the NBA. It’s infuriating. I look forward to when the Spurs no longer have Bowen or Ginobili, so they just be a basketball team again.

King James

I will kick Bowen’s ass in the Final.

Cavs to win 4-2


Spurs can thank NBA commish Stern for advancing over Phoenix. Stern is a joke. Rule states players leaving bench during ALTERCATION to be suspended/fined. Replay the tape…..there was NO altercation….alot of posturing/talking but NO altercation.
Maybe if Stern was able to extract his cranium from his anal sphincter he could have seen it clearly too.