In memory of Bruce Lee

By | July 19, 2006

Tomorrow is the 33rd death anniversary of Bruce Lee (July 20, 1973). Here’s a little trivia about the legendary martial artist and actor:

When his second movie hit the theatres, Bruce Lee became a bigger box-office draw. He made a lot of movie critics eat their words because Fists Of Fury (played in the U.S. as Chinese Connection) outgrossed The Big Boss. It amassed HK$4.5 million and recorded a bigger gain in other countries. In the Philippines, it ran for over six months capacity, and the government finally had to limit the number of foreign imports to protect the domestic film producers.

In Singapore, scalpers were getting S$45 for a S$2 ticket. On opening night, hundreds of movie patrons rushed to the theatres and caused such a traffic jam that they had to suspend showing the movie for a week until the authorities found a way to resolve the problem. This was the first time in Singapore history that a movie caused such a jam.

Check out these funny animations:
Bruce Lee: Part 1
Bruce Lee: Part 2
Bruce Lee: Part 3
Bruce Lee: Part 4
Bruce Lee: Part 5
Bruce Lee: Finale

For fans out there, here’s an interview with the master himself.

Bruce Lee – Lost interview – video powered by Metacafe

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