Redefining the meaning of auto

By | July 18, 2006
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Volkswagen apparently has developed a car that drives itself. Codenamed Golf GTi ’53 plus 1′, the prototype uses grill-mounted radar and laser sensors to read the road and send back details to the car’s computer, and a GPS navigation system can pinpoint the car’s position to within an inch.

One can’t help but wonder what operating system will the car’s computer run on. Or as one reader puts it:

“Because of course, no computer has ever malfunctioned, crashed, or failed. Give me strength.”

Incidentally, Volkswagen’s rival BMW also demo’ed a working prototype of its Beamer with an automated parking system that lets the vehicle park itself. According to Wired News, BMW plans to make remote control parking available within the next three years.

Meanwhile, here’s a video of the parking system in action. Not sure if it can handle parallel parking though.

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