Pressure reliever

By | December 11, 2006

A story is told of a man who lived in the East and whose job it was to get up very early every day and sound a steam whistle in order to wake the citizens up and get them off to work.

Soon, he began to feel unwell. He wasn’t actually ill, he just felt very low indeed. This state of affairs persisted for a couple of years. Finally, it came to him why he felt so bad: when he sounded his steam whistle to wake up the town, the oaths and revilement of the entire population were directed at the individual who disturbed their peace.

So he began, before he released his steam whistle, to release a volley of foul and violent curses upon the citizens of the town, in order to rebut the psychic torrent of malice which was again about to be launched upon him.

He did this every day and ever after felt much better.

Moral of the story? Sometimes you have to let off some steam to maintain your sanity.

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