Making a mountain out of a molehill

By | May 2, 2006

The James Gomez episode is a perfect example of how the PAP has run out of ideas to attack the opposition and instead chose to engage in character assassination.

Whether Gomez is a credible candidate or not is up to voters to decide, just like what Low Thia Khiang said in response to persistent harping of the issue by PAP candidates. Besides, if it was a PAP candidate who made the same error, it would no doubt be called an honest mistake.

Reflecting its desperation to discredit the opposition, SM Goh insisted that the Workers’ Party must answer all questions posed by the PAP, which he claimed was a simple Yes/No process, before we can move on.

I wonder what makes Goh think that his views represents the views of the populace. For the record, I don’t give a shit about this entire hoo-ha. So the PAP should get its fucking ass moving and focus on discussing real issues with the electorate.

And I wonder why Goh never volunteered the PAP to answer equally straightforward questions about the NKF episode when the majority of the population was obviously more interested to find out the whole truth.

By the way, did anybody notice how agitated (or was it jittery?) George Yeo was when asked for his comments on this sad saga, even to the extend of saying something along the lines of “heart of democracy”? I never knew he could understand this concept. Maybe he was just scared silly by the challenge he’s facing that he failed to realise what he’s talking about.

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2 thoughts on “Making a mountain out of a molehill

  1. Anonymous

    Really? Doesn’t matter?

    Candidate -> Party -> Government elected -> the country

    They’re all interlinked. I’d be concerned for one.

    Who needs people who stoop to low antics to possibly be involved in policy making and more??

  2. continue to pay

    so you trust candidates who equate party with country and use pork barrel politics to further the party’s own cause? like the pappies?

    i’d be concerned too. you mean to say the pappies haven’t stooped to even lower antics in policy making? potong pasir and hougang residents pay taxes too. why are they discriminated against with an upgrading policy that derives fund from taxpayer’s money? that’s not low enough for you?


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