What do you give the iPod owner who has everything?

By | April 9, 2006

How about something that will give him/her pause? Like a bed that integrates the iPod, allowing the user to listen to his/her favourite tunes without waking up the next day with earbuds stuck dead in the ears. That’s what New Zealand bed maker Design Mobel’s II Pause iPod Bed is all about. Dubbed “the world’s most comfortable [iPod] dock”, the Pause bed incorporates not only an iPod dock, but a pair of Bose speakers and, for the truly media obsessive, a built-in LCD TV. Design Mobel will also fit minimalist side lamps and aluminium storage trays, if you fancy.

What’s more? The bed’s unique 2-in-1 sleep system allows you to personalise the support for both you and your partner’s different weights and preferences, to ensure “minimal partner disturbance”. The Pause bed is “crafted from sustainable New Zealand Rimu with aluminium detailing” and fabricated using “natural materials and non-toxic natural manufacturing processes”.

Here’s the bad news: Pause is only available through New Zealand’s 18 Bedpost stores and a number of independent stockists, and in Australia through Capt’n Snooze. If you are interested but live outside those two countries, you can get in touch with Design Mobel directly for pricing and shipping costs. Just remember this will probably cost you a fortune, so you should certainly pause and think about it.

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