Big government, small brains

By | March 26, 2006

As you may have suspected, there are indeed plenty of dumb laws out there. An example: “Kissing may last for no more than five minutes.”

If you are interested in these kinds of societal stupidity around the world, Dumb Laws is the place for you. At this website, you can search for dumb laws in various countries/regions, go to the forums to discuss about real and fake laws, or join The Dumb Network where you can find humorous dumb warnings (Unknown Batman costume: “Cape does not enable user to fly.”), dumb bumpers (“When blondes have more fun, do they know it?”) and other dumb fodders.

There is, however, an important caveat. Some of the so-called “dumb laws” have been copied from sources that do not include law citations, so the creators of the website have “kindly” advised against using the laws as evidence in court. If you happen to know why a law exists in your area, you can post the explanation to them. Just bear in mind that whatever you submit may be published for the entertainment of others!

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