The greatest show in the world?

By | December 26, 2005
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The greatest show in the world? 1

Went to SM Malls of Asia to watch the World Pyro Olympics this evening. Actually wanted to have dinner at the “mall” but didn’t realise it was still under construction. Had to queue for food at Jollibee on wheels from 6.30pm to 8pm. Frustrating wait. Fortunately, the first fireworks display (by the team from People’s Republic of China) was postponed till 8pm. Managed to get the pathetic Yum burger and fries just a minute before the fireworks went off.

Was the show worth the 100 pesos per entry? Hard to say. The first display went on for about 25 minutes, so in terms of length it was far better than the regular Christmas fireworks at Glorietta/Greenbelt. Some of the individual fireworks were fancy, but the overall sequence was rather random. Didn’t stay for the next display by the Australian team (supposedly at 9pm) to avoid the heavy traffic around Esplanade. Already, the whole place was swarmed by vehicles and
families with kids in stow. Had to walk halfway toward Taft Avenue to fetch a taxi home.

The picture you see above is from the official website’s gallery section. More photos and videos are available here.

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