It’s a Breeze to use!

By | August 10, 2003

Sick and tired of using Microsoft PowerPoint for your presentations, and not being able to repurpose the content for other uses later? Macromedia has a solution for you. Its recently launched Breeze presentation platform creates Flash-based rich media content from your PowerPoint presentations, which can be delivered online to audiences along with several niceties like password protection, reporting, search, etc.

In other words, the Breeze platform allows users to publish content to a centralised, searchable content library, so it can be easily re-used and re-purposed (e.g. as on-demand learning, sales force training, Web seminars, etc). To create Breeze content, you will need PowerPoint 97 (or higher) on a system running Microsoft Windows 98 or later. Viewing Breeze content is easy. All you need is a browser on any operating system (Windows, Macintosh and Linux) that can play Flash 4 content.

For an actual demo of how Breeze was used to present Macromedia’s Q4 fiscal 2003 presentation, go to

Macromedia Breeze is available as either a hosted ASP or enterprise licensed solution. Pricing is between US$20,000 (approximately S$35,000) and US$200,000 (approximately S$350,000) depending on the configuration required.

Additional modules like Breeze Training and Breeze Live can be purchased separately.

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