A career that commands respect… not!

By | October 5, 2001

Unless destroying the environment (and yourself) is something that you will equate with respect. Without knowing it, you could be taking in toxic stuff all the time. Just read the excerpts of “Friendly Fire”, an article from Beyond2000.com:

“Military munitions today are largely made up of high-melting explosives, which contain metals and halogens that leave residues in the soil and water after exploding. Animal studies have shown that this explosive can harm the liver and central nervous system if swallowed or absorbed via the skin.”

“It’s not just the explosives that are a problem. Military and civilian rockets use solid propellants with high concentrations of aluminium, producing exhaust fumes laden with hydrochloric acid that generate acid rain and damage the ozone layer, as well as aluminium oxide that is toxic to plant growth.”

“In addition, in nearly all guns used by police and the military, the ‘initiators’ that trigger explosive combustion are based on lead azide. Although powerful, stable and cheap to produce, it creates lead plumes that are unhealthy in large doses in an enclosed training environment. “

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