Gab at your own risk!

By | June 7, 2006

Some people will do ANYTHING to make a statement. The folks at Phonebashing ( are obviously very good at this. True, what they are doing is probably illegal (and definitely obnoxious), but for mobile phone bullies who have prevailed in the past, this is pay back time!

If you are ever at the receiving end of a mobile phone bully’s attention, you will derive a wicked pleasure watching an unsuspecting yakker have his mobile phone snatched away and smashed on the ground.

You do not believe such things will happen? Then check out the “Phonebashing” gallery, which showcases video clips of two marauders dressed as oversized mobile phones going about their kills. Note that all the victims are real members of the public and no one was refunded for the loss of his/her mobile phone.

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