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Does it have to be Bill Clinton?

Bill Clinton may be getting all the credit for the release of Laura Ling and Euna Lee, two female American journalist detained by North Korea, but there may be a reason why it has taken so long for the hostage situation to be resolved: Years ago, police documented something called the Stockholm syndrome. Robbers had… Read More »

Love fest

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow. Make love, not war – even if it is the verbal variety. Related posts: The difference between love, lust and marriage Love is superficial 10 signs you love him more 10 signs he loves you more Overdose of Valentine’s crass commercialism

Democracy Day

It may have gone unnoticed by people, but today is Workers’ Party’s Democracy Day, in commemoration of the groundbreaking day on 31 October 1981 when Singaporeans voted in their first opposition member of parliament – the late J.B. Jeyaretnam – after 16 years. Incidentally, I was going through my collection of books and I realised… Read More »