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The Power of Showing Up

If you have read the authors’ earlier works, The Power of Showing Up will appear wholly unnecessary. It’s repetitive, replete with fillers and offers very little new insights. While the authors urged parents not to stress over imperfections in their parenting approaches, many parts of this book seemed hellbent on guilt-tripping parents or making them… Read More »

Spy The Lie

Looking at the cover design of Spy The Lie, you might have thought this book is like Thomas Erikson’s “Surrounded by…” series. But any similarity stops here. Unlike Surrounded by Idiots and all other spin-offs, the content in Spy The Lie is grounded on some solid scientific methodologies, not pure conjectures. Unlike the “real-life examples”… Read More »

A Nation Cheated

Many of the political maneuverings described in A Nation Cheated are still going on in broad daylight in this day and age but many people either chose to turn a blind eye or tried to put forth all sorts of justifications for their occurrence. Author Chee Soon Juan must have struck a nerve because the… Read More »