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Hong Kong street view

Evening street view along Hennessey Road at the junction of Canal Road West in Wanchai. The colourful neon signs are something that you don’t get to see in Singapore. Same goes for the electric cables dangling overhead for the trams. Photos taken last year in early December, several days before I left Hong Kong.


Not “Going For the Win”, damn it! But going behind the Great Firewall of China was an equally damning experience for those who are used to the free and easy information superhighway of the Internet. Things were moving along quite nicely in the Philippines for me that at one stage I was thinking of getting… Read More »

It’s been 6.5 years

I left Singapore back in 2005, perhaps a little disillusioned by the socio-political landscape at that time. It was a hard decision, leaving family, friends and a host of support systems, especially when my next stop wasn’t exactly an expat paradise. Life in Manila wasn’t a bed of roses, but my limps were holding up… Read More »

Bet hair day

When you walk into a hair salon for the first time, which hair stylist should you choose? Go for the one with the worst haircut. Because whoever cuts his hair is not him, so assuming they cut each other’s hair, you’ll at least be assured that you won’t choose the one whose skill sucks. Related… Read More »

Win-win situation

Here’s another quiz for you: John, a lawyer, gave Richard free use of his office facilities, on Richard’s agreement to pay as soon as he won his first case. However, he had no clients. After six months, John grew impatient and sued Richard. John figured he had a sure case: “If I win, the court… Read More »