Old habits die hard

By | April 1, 2012

The thing about migrating from a film SLR to a DSLR is that there is a tendency to shoot at a lower ISO than what the camera sensor is fully capable of resolving these days.

I only realised this when a friend casually mentioned that most of my shots were made at ISO 100 or ISO 200, which used to be the film stock I would normally shoot with, depending on lighting conditions.

In the light of that comment, I decided to push things a little bit. Here are two shots taken at ISO 400 over the weekend at Resorts World Sentosa.

Old habits die hard 1Lobby, Festive Hotel (Fujifilm X100, f2.0, 1/40 sec, ISO 400)
Prior to taking this shot, a middle-aged Chinese guy (presumably of a certain nationality, not in photo) was creating quite a scene by raising his voice over some room arrangement. Pity the frontline staff who had to deal with it.

Old habits die hard 2Candies, Candylicious (Fujifilm X100, f6.4, 1/450 sec, ISO 400)
Took a shot of this candy tree outside Candylicious at The Forum on candlelight setting, hence the odd hue.

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