Choose Yourself

By | November 18, 2019
Choose Yourself

This “book” started off very promising until you realised that it’s essentially a collection of blog posts rewritten and repackaged to fit a new medium. Which is a shame because there are a few nuggets of gems lost in the meandering fluff.

The author used a gimmicky promotional tactic that promises to give your money back (assuming you’ve bought the book) if you can prove that you’ve read the book.

There’s also a lot of the usual mutual masturbation with the likes of Tim Ferriss that’s so prevalent in the self-help industry.

Some of the ideas/suggestions have nothing to do with “choose yourself”, and in fact may boil down to common sense. Just goes to show that if you can package shit nicely, it can be sold.

I find it ironic that on one hand the author laments that corporations and institutions were exploiting the average workers, and then in the next, he mentions that “when I was writing finance articles in 2005, I was writing up to five articles A Day with the help of a team of cheap labor (high school students)”.

The “chapter” on Ten Ideas to Start You Off has some really bad ideas and I’ll suggest you skip reading completely. And some of the ideas showed a distinct lack of maturity in thinking on the part of the author. The egotistical tone didn’t make it any better.

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