Secret Sauce: How to Pack Your Messages with Persuasive Punch

By | March 19, 2019

The first chapter is basically wasted by outlining what we already know to justify the need for the secret sauce.

Problem is, if you use this secret sauce, you will feed into the vicious cycle of the short attention span.

I also find it ironic that the author tried to explain the hitchhiker ad (and other examples throughout the book) without the use of a visual. So much for eating your own dog food.

In the end, this book is like an aggregator of opinions, citing extensively the findings from many other books and studies. Nothing wrong with that per se, but when you’re reading a book with “Secret” in its title, you would expect a lot more originality.

The “case studies” in part 2 offer useful insights (e.g. “Machine gambling in Las Vegas”), but some of the discussions were too rushed to be beneficial.

Also, the book could do with better proofreading (see images).

The “U” should be highlighted for this section.
First, it’s IGN. Then, it became IGB. What’s next? KGB?

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