BlackBerry or spouse?

By | September 25, 2008

Apparently CrackBerry addicts have a difficult choice to make in life. According to a post on Gulliver, Economist’s business-travel blog, 35% of BlackBerry users who responded to a survey conducted for Sheraton Hotels & Resorts “would pick their BlackBerry over their significant other if they absolutely had to choose one to live without”.

More worryingly:

The vast majority of people (84%) say they check their PDAs just before going to bed and as soon as they wake up, 85% say they sneak a peak at their PDA in the middle of the night, and 80% say they check their e mail before morning coffee. A whopping 87% of professionals bring their PDA into the bedroom.

On the bright side: A reader pointed out that two-thirds of the respondents are “spouse-addicted to the extent that they would even give up their Blackberries to save their marriages!?”

For those who are not easily convinced, consider getting your spouse a BlackBerry too so that both of you can send message and respond to each other in the middle of the night.

But seriously, what device/gadget would challenge your notion of till death do us apart?

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