Death to social networking

By | March 12, 2008

Face it, social networking is a silly idea. The countless social networking sites may be fun and novel at first, but once you’ve established contact with your long-lost “friend” (loosely defined here to include everyone that you’ve come across, no matter how brief the encounter), you’ll get bored quickly with these online procrastination services.

That’s the problem. In the pre-social networking days, a friend was someone you knew intimately. When these services came about, a friend became anybody who can click a button.

But the latest figures from comScore, an Internet marketing research company, say it all. Users are wasting less time (a popular opiate that hardly inspires loyalty) on Facebook, MySpace and Bebo. Well, maybe people have woken up to the sad truth that they can talk to their co-workers and make friends. And it may be easier that way.

One thought on “Death to social networking

  1. Anonymous

    Hmm, interesting idea. Being a facebook user myself, i believe that ‘social networking’may not have an adverse effect on us. Many of my friends on facebook are people who i know pretty well, and whats more, i only use facebook to communicate online,(when other types of communication are not availble, such as phone..etc) and it does do the job.

    However, there are also risks you have not mentioned… such as the horrors of social networking/.. meeting up with strangers.etc


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