Excerpts from applicants’ writing test

By | December 12, 2007
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Honestly speaking, I am not quite a techno-savvy [sic] but I’m again eagerly waiting to sail on the same boat.”

“I’m ready for innovation.”

“I am willing to go beyond my limits and meet deadlines.”

“I know accuracy and detail is key to provide efficient solutions to our clients.”

“I am more in-depth with myself when I am writing.”

“A copy-editing job requires focus combined with one’s knowledge of the material itself. It lies not on my long-term career goal actually, but on my will to do the job.”

“The copy-editing job does not have anything to do with my long-term goals because I always keep my options open.”

And the kicker from this candidate:
“However, this job is a bit new to me. I must say, I am not really into it. Nevertheless, if I will be trained even in a short span of time, I will be able to do the job. Because I want the job, I will do the job and I fit the job and the company.”

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