A Wie bit delusional

By | June 29, 2007

After her dismal showing in the opening round of the US Women’s Open in California where she carded an 11-over-par 82, Michelle Wie was quoted as saying: “It’s just a very fine line between shooting 69 and shooting what I shot. It’s a couple strokes here, a couple of strokes there.”

Wow… a very fine line? That must be one of the most delusional assessments of individual performance in the history of competitive sport.

As Jim McCabe of The Boston Globe puts it: “It might be a fine line between 69 and 72, but the gap between 69 and 82 is wide enough to drive through an 18-wheeler filled with reality pills, which is perhaps what is needed.”

Did Wie also forget that a single stroke (not a couple here or there) is often the difference between winning a championship and being the runner-up? Oh wait, let’s not get carried away talking about winning. This was, after all, Wie’s 22nd consecutive round where she had failed to even break par.

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