Guide to semiconductor physics… by Britney Spears!

By | March 5, 2007

With all that negative publicity going on about Britney Spears, you could be forgiven for thinking that the kid is headed for self-destruction. But who would have guessed that, other than making babies, Spears is also an expert in semiconductor physics?

So imagine my surprise when I stumbled onto a website called “Britney’s Guide to Semiconductor Physics” while doing some… er, academic research. For the rest of you who are stumbled by any mention of active and passive components, resistors and capacitors, yadda-yadda, the recent self-proclaimed antichrist will give you a much-needed handholding in a complicated subject.

Check out the site before the erstwhile pop sensation does it again, for real.

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One thought on “Guide to semiconductor physics… by Britney Spears!

  1. Anonymous

    So now its being reported that Britney Spears scrawled 666 on her head and attempted suicide?

    This is either the next step in her road to publicity or another tragic sign that she’s in some serious trouble.

    But its hard to feel too bad for someone who seemingly had everything, then pissed it away having a “good time”. She did this to herself. The embarassing pictures of Britney Spears crotch and videos of her having sex can still be found on all kinds of dumpsites like (NSFW). Those will never go away.

    The videos of her shaving her head and attacking photographers are also everywhere now. She’s bound to lose her kids because of her actions.

    If anyone really cares about this girl they better do something fast before she does something that really will hurt her or her kids.


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