The “new” way to a man’s heart

By | July 6, 2006

Quite literally, and not through the stomach, like they always say.

From The Economist:

Wives have long devised ways to make their husbands do their bidding. But a technique recently used by a 25-year-old woman in Shanghai proved counter-productive: on June 19th Tang Xiaowan was charged with killing her husband after he refused to cook her dinner. According to police, Mrs Tang regularly forced her spouse of three years, Li Weidong, to do household chores at sword-point. On the day of Mr Li’s death, Mrs Tang allegedly asked him to cook her dinner, and when he refused, claiming he would be late for work, she threatened him with the sword. Mrs Tang then supposedly slipped and stabbed her husband, puncturing his liver. Mr Li died later in hospital from blood loss.

A prosecutor with the Minhang District Prosecutors’ Office reportedly said, “It is really rare that a family tragedy is caused by a high-maintenance wife”.

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2 thoughts on “The “new” way to a man’s heart

  1. Juha

    Hmm… this is what happens when women go off take-aways, lah. 🙂

  2. The Artist

    Oh dear not sure what I think about that `high maintenance’ concept, having always been a working woman.

    Just popping over to let you know I have now transferred my site to its own domain. Same site including your link just another address.

    Would appreciate if you could update my link on your site to

    Look forward to staying in touch, with best wishes, The Artist


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