December 11, 1988 (Sunday)

By | October 16, 2005

Had that seasonal cough again. Tired due to last night’s work and felt a bit sickly. Closing shift with Augustine. Handled clearing from the start. Progressed well – no jamming. Augustine’s slow in doing orders. Supposed to do partial pre-closing but didn’t ‘cos he couldn’t finish his orders. Even had to cover him occasionally.

Feverish – felt lethargic. Angry with service staff’s nonsense (wrong orders/tables, etc) and frustrated ‘cos had to put in additional effort to ensure smooth operation. Break for 1 hour – not feeling well and unable to suppress cough. Meantime, Y came into bar to replace me. She’s excited and worried about her performance, as compared to mine. Back to do closing at 10pm. Finished off late at 12am.

Supper with Max, Melvin and Pameline at Bugis Square. Max’s treat – had pineapple rice, fried oyster and fish fin, etc. Took cab home. Cough still not ok – worsened a bit in fact.

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