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Gem facets

The beauty of gemstones hold certain fascinations for man, whether in raw form or faceted. In order to improve and reveal the best of a gemstone, man has gone a step further by cutting or faceting it. Although there is no actual record on who first started gem-cutting, it certainly took many years to perfect… Read More »

Famous Jewels – The Duchess of Windsor’s Collection

Reams of copies and books have been written about these bijou royale, especially after the deaths of this exiled couple who personified style and regal cachet, far from the British crown that the Duke wore briefly before abdicating in the name of love. Even the copyists had a field day after the collection became public… Read More »

Spiritual Gems – Jade

Mention your “colic stone” necklace in your jewellery collection and you are unlikely to bring on a grimace among friends. They are both one and the same. Blame it on the Spanish consquitadors who, when observing South American natives using the stone for talismanic and healing rituals, called the lustrous green stone “piedra de tjada”… Read More »

Pearl: Tears of Pain

Like jade, this opalescent gem, lustrous scion of the humble oyster, is attributed with magical, restorative powers and taste. One Roman noble pressingly offered his guests powdered pearl cordials at his frequent bacchanalian feasts, no doubt to titillate their libidos, the better to participate in his orgiastic dos. The oyster itself still has clout as… Read More »