Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done

By | June 14, 2019
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Never mind the long-winded intro.

Perfectionism took a bad, and unfair, rap in this book when the author oversinplifies the reason why people fail to finish what they started. In trying to pin everything on perfectionism as the main cause, the author makes assumptions and generalisations that undermine otherwise valid arguments.

The research data, based on his 30 Days of Hustle program, appears to be biased as the program probably catered to people who fit his profiling for the book. Self-fulfilling prophesy in the work?

The author also tries too hard to be humorous and some of that levity fell flat on its face.

In the end I didn’t finish the book, not because I’m hampered by perfectionism, but because the author’s flogging of the same horse got stale after a while. Oh wait, the author might be able to turn it around and say that it’s because I expect the book to be perfect, hence I didn’t finish reading. You get the drift.

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