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Alfred Dunhill Millennium

Combining the latest quartz technology and precision craftsmanship for over 60 years, Alfred Dunhill created the Millennium in 1982. Functional and elegant, Millennium’s smooth rounded lines of hand-finished case is complemented by a flawless gold-plated, stainless steel bezel. The hand-worked white enamel, black or champagne dials are highlighted by meticulously applied Roman numerals or exquisite… Read More »

Gold & Gold

Gerald Genta’s creations are perfect illustrations of the traditional link between the twin art of the jeweller and watch-maker and Gold & Gold is no exception. With traditional watch-making movement, Gold & Gold is designed to have separate dials indicating the day, date, month and phases of the moon. The gold moon lying on a… Read More »

Piaget Tanagra

Although Piaget’s bread and butter line is the Dancer watches, the Tanagra collection remains the most collectible. The hallmark of the company is integrating watchmaking with jewellery design. Always in 18-carat gold, enigmatic white or warm yellow. It’s a dazzling range, on leather, with diamonds on bezel, case and bracelet. The diamond-studded models also come… Read More »

Diamond definitions

Brilliance: Internal and external reflection of white light to the eye from a gemstone Carat-weight: Standard measurement for diamond size Clarity: The degree to which tiny marks of nature called inclusions are present in the diamond. Colour: Diamonds range from colourless – the rarest and most valuable – to yellowish, with a spectrum of shadings… Read More »

Diamond are forever

Lazare Diamonds have 58 facets, fashioned to precise angles and proportions to best unleash the diamond’s optical properties of sparkle, brillance and fire. Each Lazare Diamond also carries a patented laser-inscribed identification number ensuring authenticity. The number is invisible to the naked eye, but can be seen under 10 power magnification. The Paisley ring and… Read More »

Cartier Santos & Tank

The name has been synonymous with superb quality and style for more than a century and a generic for beautiful jewelry. The Cartier Santos that originated in 1904 has remained basically unchanged till today, except for different strap options. The classic Tank, designed for the US army, echoes military history. Both are supreme examples of… Read More »